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WP-Cleanup | JortK.nl


This WordPress plugin will  cleanup your WordPress database, which means that it will perform the following actions:

  1. Remove all post revisions
    Everytime you create a blogpost WordPress automatically creates a post revision in the database.
    This can make your database grow big if you create a lot of blogposts on your blog.
    WP-Cleanup will remove all post revision and all data associated with it.
  2. Remove all spam comments
    Most WordPress blogs have a lot of problems with spam comments, these comments can make your database grow big and can cause performance issues on your website. 
    WP-Cleanup will remove all spam comments in just one click!
  3. Remove all unapproved comments
    Most WordPress users have configured their comment policy to set all comments to ‘unapproved’, so only useful comments are displayed on your blog after you’ve checked them.
    WP-Cleanup will remove all your unapproved comments in just one click!
  4. Remove all unused tags
    When you remove blogposts from your blog, the tags that were connected to it still remain in the database.
    This will cause useless data in your WordPress database, which eventually will cause performance problems.
    WP-Cleanup will search and delete all unused tags in your WordPress database!
  5. Remove all unused post meta
    When you remove blogposts from your blog, WordPress will leave some post meta in your database which is not used anymore.
    This will cause performance issues and will slow down your blog.
    WP-Cleanup will search and delete all unused post meta in your WordPress database!
  6. Optimize MySQL tables by removing all unused table space
    WordPress frequently inserts and updates database in your WordPress MySQL database, which will cause a lot of unused space in your MySQL tables.
    To optimize these tables, WP-Cleanup will optmize and defragmentate these tables so your performance will improve and your database size will decrease.


- Remove all post revisions
- Remove all spam comments
- Remove all unapproved comments
- Remove all unused tags
- Remove all unused post meta
- Optimize MySQL tables by removing all unused table space


You can download the current version here from the WordPress plugin repository.


  1. Download WP-Cleanup.
  2. Unzip the ZIP archive.
  3. Upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/.
  4. Login into your WordPress Admin Panel.
  5. Go to [Plugins/Installed].
  6. Activate to WP-Cleanup plugin.
  7. Now you will have a option under [Settings/WP-Cleanup]
  8. Happy Cleanup!


What’s coming?

  • Option to remove all pingbacks
  • Dashboard widget
  • Any suggestions, leave them in the comments!


Got any questions, put them in the comments!

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22 responses to “WP-Cleanup”

  1. SFGolfer

    Very nice. I like the graph.

    I would suggest that the checkboxes not be checked on default so that the admin can decide what to delete. This would prevent accidental deletions.

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  3. hpguru

    Thank you.

    Your plugin is what i search long time!

    Oh, sorry my bad English.

    Thank you.

    PS: I use 1 related plugin 1 week ago and it delete some posts from my blog… (2 posts and them comments). With your great plugin all works and i doesn’t have any problems with it. So, thank you.

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  5. Seofreakz

    Great.., im working with autotag plugin. Your plugin really help me remove tons of unused tags on my blog..

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  7. Derek

    Hello, i am working on some changes on my blog and using your plugin and have tested this out.

    For members who are in the CONTRIBUTERS user-role, they are able to use the WPCLEANUP feature. I do not want them to use this. Only the admin should be allowed to use this function. Is there any way you can code it so only admin’s have permission to use this feature?

    You can email me if you want more info, i may not respond back but posting this on your blog. I have tested this out and that’s why i am reporting this.

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  9. Stehanov Peter

    Dear Developer,

    does this plugin take care about other installed WordPresses’ tables which are in same database with different prefixes? Anyway, does your plugin take care any other tables in that database where WordPress has been installed?

    Keep up your good work!


  10. Bruno

    10 000 Thanks

    Your plugin is what i ‘m search for a long long time !


  11. Brokenjava

    It was working very well since a few days ago when i removed unused tags, few of my categories disappear too. I had to work with phpmyadmin to restore my categories again..
    Lucky i just fix it in wp-term, not in another table..
    Do i made a mistakes?

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  13. John Malloy

    I did backup your plug-in as suggested. Did a great job but I lost my category for Thornbury. Tried putting it back in but did not show the posts.

    Any suggestions please.

    Thanks in adavance…

    John Malloy

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  15. Rig Kruger

    Great plugin! Thank you for that!
    I have some remarks and a question.
    1) It will be good making a translation file (I’ve translated .php file inside)
    2) how to translate chart marks? I was searching the words, but never found.

    One more time – THANK YOU FOR THIS PLUGIN

  16. vasile radu


  17. Jan Bulcke


    I use your very good plugin several years. But on my new hosting and they use InnoDB. I think it wp-cleanup is not compatible with this new standard.

    The cleaning does not work. The data is not correct.

    Database size:1008 kb
    Useful WordPress data: -89104 kb -8839.68%
    Unused MySQL data: 90112 kb 8939.68%


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