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All about the introduction of Google Buzz | JortK.nl

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5 responses to “All about the introduction of Google Buzz”

  1. Edward H.C Graydon

    I am courious as to why I can not find my blog on Chinese Ceramics ,this blog is my true hobby ,but it rarely shows up ,I only use google, as my sevices and ask if there is any way to show my blog on this topic on the top of the list ,or at least show it.

    Thank you
    Edward Graydon

  2. John

    Gmail buzz is nothing but lack of innovation from Google. They have copied twitter. They are also trying to mimic facebook on orkut..
    So if you Google folks are God, then they are no longer now.

  3. What’s Google Buzzing about now? « Kurt V. Lee's Weblog

    [...] All about the introduction of Google Buzz [...]

  4. Edward H.C Graydon

    “I am now going to search the topic”; Edward H.C Graydon on Chinese Ceramics. ! What in the…nothing has come up under that search.The reason for this is ;because I used Face book to do a job that only Google can. Face book is not a search engine it is a social disaster and a total wast of time;if a person wants to find a persons comments or written articles and frame of thinking,interests and ideas you need to use a search engine Face book is not going to help you in that area.

    There is little question that Google is on the right track ;and is trying to corner the market.If any one company is going to do it, it is google face book does not stand a chance in the long run.

    Edward H.C Graydon

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